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Dear Fillies and Gentlecolts,

today i am back from a funny snow weekend event. I do not have Internet and Saturday i feel really sick ... but after i watch the newest episode, i feel better than ever before. 4 days without ponies ... hell ... never try this - it is awful

In these days i think about the future and my road map - if i want to call like this - road map ... anyway ... Some ponies meanwhile waiting very long for requested arts. Some requests getting lost in chaos. Meanwhile i have another system where i have a good overview about any requests

After a deep review i figured out - that will takes much longer than expected. Some ponies takes up to a week or longer, because i try to make a scenery that takes much more time as expect. And finally i try to make some other regular models too, like the cart or dragon or something else. If i take a look on anything it would take 5-9 month of work. Means if you request right know - you will have it in 7 months ... maybe ... this is the worst possible thing ever ... or ...

There are many ponies they enqueued on top, because they are easy, i had this models already. Gamepad, BubbleGum and Cloudrina by example. The most requests in my queue need modelling by me. This is what i have to learn at this moment. My skill becomes better each day (well i think 20% each day)

At this moment i make Osprey (helm version) on a awesome scenery (well I think it is awesome - finally YOU say it) it could be finish next week - i hope so

I still have request from LisaJennifer, but all these ponies are special. Don't worry Liz ... they comes ... i Pinkie Promise - hoof in the eye - autsch

Well all what i try to say is - please don't be surprised if a earlier request getting first served as yours. This depends on the model and on the scenery. Complex models or very special hairs are jump down in my queue. That doesn't mean i don't try this ... sure i try but if i see i fail i stop it and try some days/weeks again and so on ... all what i want is quality not quantity ... hope the requester understand this

Now i am back home and tomorrow i will continue doing awesome stuff

Your Faithful Student

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February 12, 2012


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