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Hey hey ...

i wish anypony a happy new yeah and i hope you had a nice incoming into 2012 ... i had a nice one, it was loud and full of funky colors in the sky

But i am sorry to told you something very bad news. I will stop making ponies ...

What ? I will stop making ponies ? Wait ... Ähm ... Mooooooment ...

No ... i am kidding ... but i will stop making ponies in the same pose like the other 2028491 ponies i made. Meanwhile my animation controls are finished and i can not easy transform the ponies into different poses. This - and a look on my gallery - told me : "Please Stop This" ... ok i will ...

The next ponies will have another pose and another awesome background fits the ponies properties

I hope you don't hate me for that, but serious ... always the same is not that fun ...

I already start to make a scenery for Blue Lambda (Half Life) - maybe i put gamepad into this scenery too

I just wanna say that ...

See YA next pony ...
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January 4, 2012


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