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Dear Fillies and Gentlecolts,

I wish anypony a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013

I know this year I could not do much. My job get me harder than expected and I could not and will not finish my awesome rig. I tried it twice, but both failed.

First rig based on bones and a complete skeleton with constrains and all. But it end in total polymesh mess on special poses. Results are twisted bones and finally an absolute unusable rig and mesh. Good for just a handful poses.

My second rig based on motion points. Where I can do anything. The resulting mesh was bad too, sure not so bad than bones, but it was still bad. Finally the resolution of motion points are so high than is makes no more sense to continue this idea.

Well this was frustrating. Because for both rigs I invest 2-3 month and both failed finally. So I come to the conclusion I need a free mind and I stop making stuff. Including the fact that I have some cool stuff in my job to do.

This is why I virtually absent and just watching art and episodes of cause. I am still big fan – lol.

Well I have no idea what happen next year, but the fact of a new year does not change something, it is just a date where a year number overlaps. So I guess if I got a brilliant idea, I will do it – if not than not. Lol …

Anyway, I wish anypony some nice days across the holiday time. Much gift and much fun with family.

Your Faithful Student

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Submitted on
December 19, 2012