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November 10, 2011


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Hello there ...

today i finish all models in the fluffy version. I am total happy about the reactions of all bronies and MLP:FIM lovers. It is time now to say a big big "THANK YOU" to anypony that comment, watches, favorites, features and distribute or suggest as favorite in groups

As i start here to publish some fluffy ponies i was total unsure if that be an good idea or not. After i explore the whole Internet i see so many peoples they draw really total awesome ultra pictures and other kind of art. But i notice that nobody render it with hairs ... my little sweet brain told me : "Do That And Try It"

Well, i did it and try it ... and now i think it was a good idea

I have to say my photoshop or graphic art skill is not good or i never try it to learn. I am more a technical brony that loves to make crazy stuff. So i try to make these fluffy versions, and as far i can see many bronies like them. This make me proud and give me the energy i need to make my next stuff. Rigging and animating

But without KP-ShadowSquirrel models i would never get that success. I really have to thanks him to provide these models. Some models i had to modify a little bit, but without him - no way !

And of cause ... without fyre-flye we all would life in a world dominated my Discord :-) Tons of thanks to fyre-flye and Hasbro and Hub of cause. They are awesome, they does not sue us in anyway, and this is why this community grow so fast and become an awesome awesomeness

Now i will start to make rigs and clip animations to all models. Several poses like sitting, AJ's awesome huuuuhh pose and other character typical poses. Including some animations like walk, run, flight, earflap-eyeflap-kneetitch (lol hope this was correct) and more

And yesterday ask me my work mate - he's not a brony but wearing his custom pony - if i could made his custom pony too ... i take this as a challenge and i told him : "Challenge Accepted" ... i hope that will not be a disaster :-)

BTW: My english isn't that good - hope you can forgive me ^^
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StarFox63 Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:) great work!
StarFox63 Nov 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You've done a good job! I love them all, even the old ones.

And your English is pretty good. It just have a few spelling errors here and there, but it's nothing major.
To be honest, there are quite a few people over here, that spell a lot worse than you do.
Yeah thanks ...

My English isn't perfect, it's based on school English million years ago. But i read much in English, that help i guess :-)
Ah I see, you'll slowly pick it up if you read a lot.
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